About Jonathan

Jonathan has always been a techie and an educator¬†at heart. (He was helping others with computers as early as the third grade.) After working in the film industry for many years as a lead editor, colorist, and motion graphics artist, Jonathan began his career in technology education at Apple as a creative and instructional designer. While at Apple he delivered personal training to over 2,500 people over the course of two years and developed Final Cut Pro training that has been spread to stores around the world. Today his passion for technology and gaming has led him to be a content producer at lynda.com, in the areas of Game Development, Developer, and 3D Animation. When he’s not at work, Jonathan’s most likely tinkering and exploring the world of game development in his own projects.


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Lynda.com Course Authored by me

Lynda.com Courses/Projects Produced and Project Managed by myself

HSL Editorial: The Post-Production company I Co-Founded, (contains reels)